Early Stantons

Excerpts from:
By William Henry Stanton
Philadelphia, Privately Printed MCMXXII (1922)

“Beginning with our branch in southeastern Ohio in 1922, we find that they came from southwestern Pennsylvania in 1800. They stopped there for only a few months while on their way from Beaufort, Carteret County, North Carolina, to Ohio. After a residence in North Carolina of about seventy-five years, they left that section of the country on account of slavery. They came to Beaufort from Newport, Rhode Island, after residing in that section of country for about eighty years. We find our earliest ancestor, Robert Stanton, was living in Newport in1645. He was born in England in 1599 and was one of the settlers of Portsmouth, Rhode Island, in 1638.

“Robert married Avis, whose maiden name is unknown, and to them a son Robert was born in 1627. Robert and Avis immigrated to America some time between 1627 and 1638. The family account states that their son Robert accompanied them. Boylie’s history of New Plymouth names John and Robert Stanton among the earliest settlers there. Arnold, the historian, says concerning Robert, ‘In 1638 Portsmouth, then called Pocasset, was settled by William Coddington and others who left Massachusetts to avoid persecution on account of their religious opinions…Robert Stanton was one of the names signed to the compact for forming the colony.’ Robert was living in Newport in 1645 and either accompanied or soon followed Governor Coddington when he went to Portsmouth.

“…Robert Stanton died at Newport, aged seventy-three, and was buried Eighth month Twenty-ninth, 1672…

“John Stanton, son of Robert and Avis, was born at Newport, Rhode Island, Eighth month, 1645. He married Mary Horndale, his first wife, in 1667, in Friends’ Meeting. His second wife, Mary Clarke (b. 1641, d. 4-7-1711), was the widow of Governor John Cranston and daughter of Jeremiah and Frances (Latham) Clarke. John Stanton was a prominent man in Newport, Rhode Island, where he died Tenth month Third, 1713.

“By his second wife, Mary (Clarke) Cranston, John Stanton had a son Henry born in Newport, Rhode Island, Fifth month Twenty-second, 1688.

“Henry Stanton, Sr., Henry Jr., and Benjamin, his sons, and three of the sons of Henry Jr., Benjamin, Joseph and John Howard, were ministers of the Society of Friends.