Abstract of Minutes of Core Sound Monthly Meeting

Taken from the original minute book by Willis V. Webster, 8-3-1921 and included in the 1922 Stanton book:

·    8-1-1733. Core Sound Meeting organized. Monthly meeting every first third day in the month successively for time to come, and that the first day before the monthly meeting shall be a representative meeting and to be kept at the house of Henry Stanton till the meeting orders it other ways. Nickolas Briant for men, and Mary Stanton for women, to inquire into the order of Friends in respect to the minute of our yearly meeting held at Perquimans, North Carolina.
·    1739. Record book ordered made.
·    1742. 50 shillings per year for care of the meeting house and yard.
·    1742. Henry Stanton and wife given certificate to visit their friends in the other county.
·    1742. Henry Stanton, Senior appointed clerk of the monthly meeting.
·    11- -1742. Certificate to Henry Stanton Junior.
·    1743. Received a certificate for Henry Stanton, Senior.
·    7-3-1745. Henry Stanton Senior and Lydia Albertson laid their intentions of marriage before the meeting.
·    1746. Henry Stanton and Henry Stanton Junior sign the wedding certificate of John Small and Elizabeth Small.
·    4-12-1750. Henry Stanton son of Henry and Mary his former wife, and Hope Borden daughter of Benjamin Borden and Ruth his wife, late of, and from Boston in New England, now of Carteret County, North Carolina, married. Witnesses—Lydia, Mary, Catherine, Benjamin, Henry and Joseph Stanton and 21 others.
·    3-7-1751. Henry Stanton Senior, lays a plan to visit Rhode Island before the meeting.
·    9-10-1752. Henry Stanton gives up his plan to visit Rhode Island.
·    1754. Henry and Hope Stanton sign a wedding certificate.
·    1755. Joseph Stanton and Miriam Small declare their intentions of marriage.
·    1758. Henry and Joseph Stanton to help find shingles to repair the meeting house roof.
·    6- -1759. John Tomlenson and Henry Stanton desire a certificate to visit Rhode Island.
·    1760. Hope, Joseph and Henry Stanton and others appear on a marriage certificate.
·    1-28-1761. Henry Stanton appointed clerk.
·    1761. Henry and Joseph Stanton with others sign marriage certificate.
·    11-24-1761. Henry Stanton returns from a visit to Nantucket and Rhode Island.
·    1762. Henry and Joseph Stanton mentioned in meeting records.
·    1762. A meeting is proposed for Clubfoot's creek by Bishops bridge.
·    3-17-1762. Joseph, Henry, Miriam and Hope Stanton sign papers.
·    1-19-1763. Henry and Joseph Stanton and John Tomlinson appointed Trustees of meeting house, burying ground and yard.
·    1764. Henry Stanton requests a certificate to visit Rhode Island.
·    1765. Miriam, Hope and Joseph Stanton sign papers.
·    2-29-1766. William Britton and Alice Stanton publish intentions of marriage.
·    7-9-1766. Henry Stanton's name appears.
·    1767. Sarah, Avis, Hannah, Henry, Hope, Joseph and Benjamin Stanton appear on Bartholomew Howard and Ruth (Stanton) Howard's marriage certificate as witnesses.
·    10-18-1767. Two certificates were produced for Benjamin and Sarah Stanton.
·    1768. Henry and Joseph Stanton mentioned.
·    2-12-1769. James Newby and Sarah Stanton announce their intention of marriage.
·    7-11-1769. James Newby and Sarah Stanton married. Witnesses, Miriam, Hannah, Benjamin, John, Henry and Joseph Stanton et. al.
·    1771. Henry Stanton and Parmenas Horton should wait upon the Governor in regard to church matters.
·    6-12-1771. Joseph and John Stanton and John Mace representatives to Quarterly meeting.
·    4-7-1771. John Tomlinson and Elizabeth Albertson (widow) married. Witnesses, Owen, Benjamin Junior, Hannah, Henry Junior, Joseph, Henry and Benjamin Stanton et. al.
·    3-11-1772. John Stanton applies for a certificate. Joseph and Benjamin appointed to make inquiry.
·    6-10-1772. Henry Stanton requires a certificate.
·    1-13-1773. Benjamin Stanton having requested a few lines by way of a certificate to New Garden monthly meeting, the same is ordered to be got ready ag. next first meeting.
·    7-14-1773. Robert Williams and Benjamin Stanton son of Henry appointed representative to Quarterly meeting.
·    7-14-1773. Benjamin Stanton requests a certificate to New Garden Monthly meeting. Ordered that Joseph Stanton and William Britton make inquiry.
·    8-11-1773. Certificate ordered signed. (Benjamin Stanton and Abigail Macy married at New Garden 9-27-1773.)
·    1774. Henry, Benjamin and Joseph Stanton et. al. sign the denial papers of Robert Williams.
·    1-10-1776. James Bishop and Hannah Stanton declare intentions of marriage and were married. Witnesses, Abigail, Abigail, Joseph, Henry, Benjamin, Benjamin Junior and Owen Stanton.
·    8-14-1776. Benjamin Stanton son of Henry and John Tomlinson appointed rep. to Quarterly meeting.
·    10-8-1776. Henry Stanton Junior requests a certificate to Pasquotank Monthly meeting. John Tomlinson appointed to prepare it with Henry Stanton.
·    1-8-1777. It was ordered that John Tomlinson prepare a certificate for Henry Stanton signifying his parents and friends approbation of his intentions of marriage to Hannah Nixon of Little River.
·    11-12-1777. At a Monthly meeting, Owen and Benjamin Stanton Junior, appointed to represent the state of the meeting to Quarterly meeting. Benjamin Stanton Senior is appointed to prepare certificate for William Bishop. Benjamin Stanton Junior appointed clerk. Also Joseph and Benjamin Stanton Senior to visit those who want membership with us.
·    1-14-1778. Henry Stanton is requested to record births and deaths as collected by our members. (Only a few pages of this record remains.)
·    2-11-1778. Joseph Bishop and Abigail Stanton declare their intentions of marriage. Married 3-22-1778. Witnesses, Joseph, Benjamin, Benjamin Junior, William, Henry, Borden, Henry, and Hope Stanton and Ruth Howard, Abigail Stanton and Lydia Bishop.
·    5-13-1778. Benjamin Senior and Junior Stanton appointed to attend Quarterly meeting.
·    6-10-1778. Owen Stanton and Elizabeth Bishop declare intentions of marriage. Benjamin Stanton clerk, 8-7-1778, they did not know the meeting approved on account of sickness.
·    6-12-1778. Joseph Bishop and William Stanton to attend Quarter meeting. Owen Stanton and Elizabeth Bishop married. Witnesses, Joseph, Henry, Benjamin, Benjamin Junior, William, Borden, Mary, Hope, Abigail Stanton et.al.
·    6-9-1779. Benjamin Stanton Junior returns his certificate given him Third month.
·    7-14-1779. Benjamin Stanton Senior and Joseph Bishop appointed representatives to Quarterly meeting. John Tomlinson and Benjamin Stanton Junior are appointed to draw papers recommending Benjamin Stanton .Senior as minister to the select meeting. Representatives ask for Quarterly meeting to be settled at Contentney.
·    8-11-1779. Recommendation for Benjamin Stanton signed.
·    8-22-1779. William Stanton and Lydia Bishop married. Witnesses, Benjamin, Joseph, Borden, Henry, Owen, Hope, Abigail Stanton and Ruth Howard et.al.
·    12-8-1779. Benjamin Stanton Senior, to visit Adams creek meeting. Benjamin Stanton Junior and Jesse Thomas to go with him. 3-8-1780. They give an account of visit.
·    4-12-1780. Benjamin Stanton Junior, and Alice Macy (or Mace) declare intentions of marriage.
·    9-13-1780. Benjamin Stanton Junior, recommended minister. Is accepted.
·    5-9-1781. Henry Stanton son of Henry being about to move to Contentney, requests a certificate.
·    3-13-1782. Jesse Thomas marries Huld Bell. Witnesses, Owen, Benjamin, Benjamin, Junior, William and Abigail Stanton et.al.
·    8-14-1782. Henry Stanton produced a certificate from Contentney Monthly meeting which was read and accepted and he and Nelly Melton declare their intentions of marriage. Benjamin Stanton Junior et.al. are appointed to inquire, etc. Susannah Stanton also produced a certificate and was accepted.
·    10-9-1782. Friends appointed to attend report the marriage accomplished. As the last named Henry Stanton died some one or more years before this transcript was made out we think this notice of marriage sufficient.
·    11-13-1782. Boundary line between Contentney and this as follows: Begin at head of Dawson Swamp; along said swamp to Trent River, and down Trent River to the mouth of Resolution branch, and up the said branch to the head and said boundaries are agreed to by Contentney monthly meeting.
·    1-8-1783. Benjamin Stanton the younger wants to take a trip to some northern Counties.
·    2-12-1783. Benjamin Stanton Senior and Owen Stanton are appointed to labor with such as have slaves.
·    5-14-1783. Benjamin Stanton wants to visit meetings.
·    6-11. Returned from visit. Monthly meeting sometimes at Core Creek and sometimes at meeting house on the Neuse River.
·    3-11-1784. Benjamin Stanton, Junior, son of Henry Stanton late of Carteret County and Hope Stanton his wife, married to Mary Moore, daughter of John and Mary Moore of Mattamuskeet, of Hyde County. Witnesses, Benjamin Senior, Owen and Elizabeth Stanton et.al.
·    1-1-1785. Owen and Benjamin Stanton appointed to visit families.
·    6-4-1785. William Stanton appointed overseer. Appoint a committee to see about building a shed to accommodate the women for preparative and monthly meeting.
·    8-7-1785. Joseph Bishop and Elizabeth Bundy marry. Witnesses, Joshua Bundy, Borden, Owen, Benjamin, William, Hope, Susannah and Abigail Stanton and Ruth Howard et.al.
·    9-3-1785. Owen Stanton and Jesse Harris to procure a workman and material and construct a partition in the meeting house.
·    1-7-1786. Benjamin Stanton Junior wishes to visit Trent and other meetings.
·    1786. Benjamin Junior, Borden, Owen, Benjamin, William, Mary and Susannah Stanton are mentioned.
·    4-1-1786. Monthly Meeting held at Clubfoot Creek upon Neuse River.
·    3-4-1787. Josiah Bundy son of Moses Bundy and wife, Jane, marries Methia Owen. Witnesses, Owen, Benjamin Junior, Benjamin, Hope, Abigail, Lydia and Nellie Stanton.
·    8-4-1787. Benjamin, Owen, and Borden Stanton appointed to attend Quarterly Meeting and Benjamin Stanton Junior, if he is able to go desires to visit Friends meetings generally.
·    10-6-1787. At a Monthly Meeting held for Core Sound upon Neuse, Benjamin Stanton, Junior, informs this meeting that he visited and had meetings at all the meeting houses in Pasquotank, and Perquimans Counties. Also Contentney Monthly meeting. Also Tar River and Jack Swamp meetings and Northampton Monthly meeting, and that it was considerable to his own mind.
·    11-14-1787. Benajah Steele marries Sarah Bundy, daughter of Joshua Bundy of Craven County. Witnesses, Borden and Susannah Stanton, Abner Hall and Hannah Bundy et.al.
·    5-3-1788. Our last yearly meeting held at Guilford.
·    7-5-1788. Owen Stanton appointed to collect subscriptions instead of Benjamin Stanton who desires to give up.
·    10-12-1788. Daniel Frazier Junior, marries Nellie Stanton widow of young Henry Stanton deceased. Witnesses, Benjamin Junior, Owen, William, Benjamin Senior and Joseph Stanton.
·    1-3-1789. Appoint Benjamin Senior, Borden and Owen Stanton and William Mace representatives to First Quarterly Meeting, to be held on Contentney the Third Seventh day of this month.
·    3-7-1789. Owen Stanton requests to be released as overseer.
·    11-8-1789. Jesse Thomas of Jones County upon Trent marries Martha Briant.
·    3-6-1790. Last Yearly Meeting held at Center, Guilford County. James Stanton accused of fornication which he doth not deny.
·    2-5-1791. Friends of the lower First day meeting on Trent conclude on a place to build a meeting house on north side of Trent River near the mouth of Buck Horn branch.
·    3-5-1791. Yearly Meeting alternately at Symons creek and New Garden meeting houses.
·    2-6-1791. Aaron Brown marries Mary Howard. Witnesses, Owen, Benjamin, Senior and Junior, Borden, William, Elizabeth, and Sarah Stanton et.al.
·    1-1-1791. Meeting adjourned to 1-5 on account of a severe snow storm. Very few Friends met.
·    1-5-1791. Friends meeting house built on Buck Horn branch.
·    4-7-1792. William Stanton has removed to Trent. Abigail Stanton recommended as an elder.
·    1-5-1793. Josiah Bundy goes to Trent (Certificate 4-6-1793).
·    3-2-1793. Hepsibah Stanton assists with the meeting.
·    6-1-1793. Benjamin and Owen Stanton et.al. to select a site for a meeting house at Mattamuskeet, agreed it should be located at the lower end of James Hall's plantation near a grave yard, by a large mulberry tree. This meeting concurs.
·    1-5-1794. Joshua Scott, son of Adam and Hannah Scott, and Elizabeth Stanton daughter of Benjamin and Abigail Stanton marry. Witnesses, Benjamin, Owen, Sarah, Avis, Anna Stanton et.al.
·    6-7-1794. Benjamin and Owen Stanton et.al. appointed to devise some means so women friends can have more conveniences for holding business meetings.
·    10-4-1794. Benjamin Stanton et.al. appointed representative to Quarterly meeting.
·    3-7-1795. Benjamin Stanton informs this meeting that he expects to go to Philadelphia on account of his outward business and requests a few lines to friends, he being a minister. The clerk is directed to furnish the same. Jesse Thomas was disowned for marrying a woman not of our society in less than two weeks after the death of his wife.
·    5-2-1795. Benjamin Stanton returns from his voyage.
·    1-12-1796. Benjamin and Owen Stanton et.al. appointed to attend Quarterly meeting.
·    2-6-1796. Horton Howard appointed clerk.
·    3-5-1796. Benjamin Stanton expects to go to Philadelphia on outward business and requests a few lines. He got them. Quarterly meeting at Contentney, Wayne County, and Yearly Meeting at New Garden.
·    4-2-1796. Owen Stanton and Horton Howard representatives to Quarterly meeting.
·    11-6-1796. Richard Williams, son of Robert Williams and his wife, deceased and Sarah Stanton daughter of Benjamin and Abigail Stanton married. Witnesses, Benjamin, James, Owen, Owen Junior, Abigail, Avis, Anna Stanton, Horton Howard, Joshua Scott, Jesse Thomas and Elizabeth Scott.
·    9-3-1797. Jesse Thomas Junior, son of Jesse Thomas of Jones County, marries Avis Stanton daughter of Benjamin and Abigail Stanton. Witnesses, Benjamin, Abigail, Owen, Anna, Miriam, Elizabeth Stanton et.al.
·    1798. Yearly meeting at Little River and Piney Woods.
·    2-25-1798. Horton Howard marries Mary Dew. Witnesses, Elizabeth Scott and Avis Thomas, etc.
·    3-31-1798. Benjamin Stanton and Horton Howard representatives to Quarterly Meeting.
·    5-3-1798. Enoch Harris marries Lany Dew. Witnesses, Benjamin, Owen, Elizabeth Stanton, Horton Howard, Sarah Williams, Elizabeth Thomas et.al.
·    3-30-1799. Horton Howard given a certificate as he expects to travel into the back parts of Virginia, Pennsylvania and Northwest Territory. 7-27. Back from trip.
·    8-31-1799. Certificate to Horton Howard and two sons Henry and Joseph to Westland Monthly Meeting, Pennsylvania. Josiah Bundy and three sons, Benjamin, Moses and Stanton, same place.
·    9-29-1799. Aaron Brown, son of Edward Brown and Sarah, of Jones County, North Carolina, marries Anna Stanton daughter of Benjamin and Abigail Stanton, Carteret County. Witnesses, Borden, Owen, Henry, Owen Junior, Abigail, Miriam, Abigail Junior, Hannah, Elizabeth Stanton, Elizabeth Scott, Avis Thomas, Sarah Williams et.al.
·    3-29-1800. The sons of Abigail Stanton request certificates to western Pennsylvania and Northwest Territory.
·    2-8-1801. Owen Stanton Junior, son of Owen Stanton Senior, and wife Elizabeth marries Abigail Davis, daughter of Joseph W. Davis and wife Susuhenna.
·    3-30-1804. Owen Stanton and Jesse Harris representatives to Quarterly Meeting.
·    1805. Great Contentney became Contentney.
·    6-28-1807. Abigail and Owen Stanton appear on a marriage certificate.
·    5-1-1808. Jacob Davis, son of Joseph Wicker Davis, marries Mary Stanton, daughter of Owen and Elizabeth Stanton. Witnesses, Rebecca, Owen, Elizabeth, Junior, and Anna Stanton et.al.
·    3-26-1809. Aaron Lancaster, son of William marries Miriam Stanton, daughter of Owen Stanton. Witnesses, Ruth, Elizabeth, Owen, Elizabeth, David, Owen Stanton Junior et.al.
·    1810. Owen Stanton representative to Quarterly meeting.
·    1810. Owen Stanton and James Stanton are witnesses to a marriage.
·    7-31-1814. Elijah Harris marries Ruth Stanton, daughter of Owen and Elizabeth Stanton. Witnesses, Owen, Elizabeth, Anna Stanton et.al.
·    1818. Elizabeth and -Anna Stanton et. al. witnesses to marriage.
·    1819. Same.
·    1820. Contentney Quarterly Meeting to be held once a year at Core Sound.
·    9-27-1828. Jonathan Mace marries Susannah Stanton, daughter of Owen Stanton, Witnesses, Jonathan and Abigail Stanton et.al.
·    3-28-1829. Jonathan Stanton disowned for selling slaves and liquor.
·    7-8-1829. Abigail Stanton's name appears on a marriage certificate.
·    10-30-1841. Core Sound Monthly Meeting laid down.